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Your customers are all on social media.  This is why you need a strong social media presence.  Social media is important to your business’s success.  It brings with it a, certain, possibility of bringing new customers, as well as, growing your brand awareness.

To effectively make social media work for you, it takes a commitment.  You would have to take time out of your day, instead of putting it elsewhere in your business.  It’s an ongoing cycle.  One that would require you to be available everyday.

But to run your pet business the way it needs to be ran, who has time for the social media undertaking?  I can handle the social media demand for you.  This will allow you to focus your time where it’s needed.  Your pet business.

I can make sure that your social media platforms work for you.  That they will bring your services and products to light.

Engaging Your Community

Social media needs continuous work but in the end can provide a huge ROI.  Effective social media management takes dedication.  From a person that can perform tasks regularly.

I am that person.  Your social media management is in good hands with me.  The daily tasks that need to be performed I can, and have done.  Constantly posting and engaging with your followers on social media is what I will do for you.

Social Media Manager
Social Media Specialist

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Build A Strategy That Works.

When it comes to social media management, there are some things you should know.  Your platforms need to be primed in a timely manner.  Knowing what to publish, when to publish, and how to respond to someone who reaches out to you are essential.  Then, you need to be able to track the data, and adapt any changes to your strategy.

I will create a content strategy that fits your business needs.  Once the strategy is in place I will post the content to all your social platforms.

Weekly, I will review the data and determine the changes that need to be made to the strategy.  Continuously changing and adapting to what works for you.

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