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Website Maintenance

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Website maintenance is beneficial

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For the website owner...

As a site owner, you need to know what website maintenance is, what it entails, and why it’s important.  Because no matter how big or small your company is, your site should be safeguarded with proper upkeeping.

Once you understand what website maintenance is, you can determine your best options moving forward.  Should you do the preventative care yourself, or should you task the website maintenance services out to a professional?

What is Website Maintenance? why do you need it?

Just like a car needs preventative maintenance to perform correctly, so too, does your website.  Website maintenance is the routine work required to make sure your site is up-to-date and working perfectly. For starters, it helps protect site security while also pushing and increasing traffic and visitors to your site.

If your site were to go down for any reason, you risk losing sales, customers, and revenue.  You also face the possibility of increased security threats.  Causing sensitive information to be at high risk of being compromised.  This in turn will have your customers feeling uncomfortable to be on your site at all.

Preventative website care helps keeps your site fresh.  Done correctly, website maintenance allows placement of new, updated content to your web pages or blog.  This keeps viewers interested and engaged with your website.  

Website Maintenance
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Website maintenance services

Make website maintenance a steady part of your business.  Website audits should be done regularly to avoid any setbacks.  I offer complete website maintenance packages that compliment websites of any size.

My website reviews include weekly, monthly, and quarterly checks of the following.

  • Make sure all web pages are loading error free
  • Conducting backups of your site
  • Updating software and plugins
  • Content updates to web pages and blogs
  • Analytic reports for user activity
  • Check website speed

These are just a sample of the extensive maintenance services I provide.  The maintenance plans come in different sizes with different cost for each, depending on your business needs.  For a complete list, or to discuss your options, please contact me.

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